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Current Date: Day 259
Current Location: R4 - 87
--Weight loss (65kg/143.3lbs (original 85kg/187.4lbs, critical at 45kg/99.2lbs))
-Mental: Missing memory of Gabriel comforting him after a nightmare (permanent), severe emotional fatigue, death loss: no communication filters (until July 31)
--Current Event: None
--Beacon: OFF
--Light: Intact
--Eyes: Prophet (currently normal)
--Prophet Mark: No
--Exposure: None (Next: Jun.)
Food: 7 days (7 days' space available, consumption 1:1, steadily loses weight (counter 1))
Water: 7 days(fresh only) (7 days available for use, assume any empties are filled with melting snow)
Melted Snow Consumed: 2+ months' worth
Notes: Shaken. Wants to reunite with Beckett above all else. He doesn't want a repeat of Clayton and never seeing him again.
Search Request Thread: here(old). New one here(also outdated). Third here.

Network ID: Enoch
-Name: Helel
-Voice: Male, deep
-Appearance: A jet-black cartoon representation of a star with big, round red eyes.
Cover: Pink with red heart pattern
Apps: None nonstandard

Inventory (W=worn B=backpack main H=held F=backpack front L=backpack left R=backpack right C=cloak pocket J=jeans pocket):
Items in gray not available after 254, left with Brian
-[W]Sandals, under rainboots
-[C]Fragments of Ishtar's Bones
-[C]Freemen's Notes, waterlogged and mostly illegible
-[H]Tablet w/cover (see above)
-[J]Some half-rusted nails, in glasses case
-[J]Some nails in good condition, in glasses case
-[W]A thin throw quilt for a sofa, with a hole cut into the middle to make a crude poncho. The sides have been sewn shut now.
-[W]Crude handwarmers sewn from baby blanket and the cloth that covered a mattress
-[W]Throw blanket (being used as a scarf) (has faint bloodstains that will not wash out)
-[W]Yellow rainboots (over sandals)
-[W]Yellow raincoat (over blanket-poncho, under cloak)
-[J]Antique snuff box
-[W]Halves of a white cotton sheet wrapped around his feet under his rainboots
-[W]Dark red nylon dog leash, with a hole worked into it by knifepoint to serve as a belt.
-[W]Tennis racket x2 (tied to each side with bloodstained blanket)
-[J]Bible excerpt
-[C]A sharpened shard of a plastic wastebasket
-[W]Table runner, as a sash
-[J]Glasses case, holding all his loose nails
-[J]Nail clippers
-[C]Fruit of Wisdom (event regain)
-[W]Lightweight, warm blanket patterned with stars. Worn under his cloak like another cape until he reaches shelter, then slept under.
-[J]A box of paperclips
-[H]A plastic bag containing food and water. The handles have had sweatbands wrapped around them to make them more comfortable to hold.

-[W]Backpack (larger than starter)
-[B]A photo album containing several photos of a travel-loving woman and a photo of a town hall with protesters, water damaged
-[B]Plastic bottle marked w/ cloth scraps from mattress (empty except when filled with his urine for heat) (2)
-[B]Piece of scrap metal about the size of his head
-[B]Metal doorknob
-[B]Green sponge
-[H]Light green pillowcase, with a pair of straps made from a yellow mesh jersey (reinforced with leather straps from a sandal) sewn in to allow it to be carried on the arm or shoulder
-[B]Candlestick x2
-[B]Silver spoon
-[B]Child's thermos (filled with water)
-[B]Ballpoint pen
-[B]Spool of pink thread (full)
-[B]A metal knitting needle
-[B]Small sewing kit containing [Broken Needle], [Intact Needle], [Threader], [Spool of Blue Thread (4/10)], [Spool of Dark Blue Thread (full)], [Spool of Black Thread (full)]
-[B]Chapstick (unflavored)
-[B]Paring knife
-[B]Crafts magazine
-[B]Light blue surgical scrubs (torn? possibly gone?)
-[B]Chaptstick (made of beeswax)
-[B]Folder, black and white striped
-[B]A broken-off stiletto heel
-[B]Toothbrush holder
-[B]Cocktail shaker, red
-[B]Bowl, red
-[B]Icing spatula, red handle
-[B]Wooden cat
-[B]Postcard(featuring a pic of Big Ben)
-[B]Rubber bands
-[B]A tin can
-[B]Bath pillow
-[B]Suntan Lotion
-[B]Superhero comic book
-[H]Pillowcase, rudimentary handles sewn in, made from a large breed leather dog collar
-[B]"World's Best Dad" keychain
-[B]Father's Day card
-[B]Pumice stone
-[B]Breath spray. (Uses remaining: 133)
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[Such a wondrous device. Are there little invisible couriers for these messages?]
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Accepted: September 3, 2014
Home: A two-story house he once shared with Armaros. He is alone with two porrings now.
Pendant: White Pink "wing" (it's actually more rectangular than curved but its far edge slants and has some striations that suggest feathers), complete.
Emotion Effect Notes: Like most of his facial expressions, his emotional effects on the environment don't dominate the scene but are easily identified. They affect the air around him for the most part: temperature, density, humidity, electrical charge, scent, and so on. Occasionally, light will be affected or enough moisture will build up so as to cause a rainbow. In stronger moments of emotion (or sometimes not), localized weather effects or plant growth may happen, but for the most part only natural phenomena will occur around him. Unnatural things such as man-made objects repairing, breaking, or moving are reserved for only the most powerful of emotions.

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Though there isn't a physical box, I just like his name written in the game's script.

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((So ask a question, or name a topic or issue, and you'll get a response from Enoch! IC, OOC, anon, whatever floats your boat. Real life hot-button issues, random questions about the ancient past, silly mundane questions, TMI questions, meta questions (about the fandom or otherwise), game-specific questions, it's all good!))
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Intro Day: June 11, 2012
Armor State: None(Real)
Current Recovery Chance: 100%
Equipped Weapon: Arch(Real)
Boost Level: 6 (Uriel is not present)
Possessions: Here
Collar Color: Blue
Room: 1-20 (Roommates: Lucifel, England, Sealand)
Network ID: E1185558
Job: Gravekeeper (Started Wednesday, Feb 6)
Death Count: 10 (Pod break-in, 2 offscreen (got hit by a Gnarl's paralysis and then killed off by a Hellhound), phantom-drained, killed by Parasite Bee stinger through the heart, killed by the Screaming Monster, killed by Crying Monster, offscreen(forgot to do his job), psychelysis phantoms, failed Halloween riddle)
-Has the voice of a little girl constantly screaming in the back of his head. Distractions will quiet her and he will only hear her when he is conscious, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of the voice entirely. As of November 25th, her voice is muffled and much easier to ignore. As of February 1st, almost completely silent.
-Currently has full real powers.


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Enoch is a scribe from...well, let's say a very long time ago. Pre-Flood, if there even will be a Flood in his world. Enoch is out to stop it, and he's got the strength and willpower to succeed.

But for now, it looks like this warrior-scribe is on a forced vacation to some other place here on DW.

The links below contain additional information about Enoch and the people he knows. In addition, the title of this module links to a meme post with images for appearance reference.


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